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Welcome to the Texas Autism Play Project. We are excited to offer families a new tool for addressing children on the autism spectrum.

Created by Richard Solomon, MD, and based on the DIR® (Developmental, Indi-vidual Differences, Relationship-based) theory of Stanley Greenspan, MD, and Serena Wieder, PhD. The P.L.A.Y. Project® is a national autism training and research center, which includes training agencies, parents, and communities about the importance of early autism intervention.

Our Home Consultation Model provides monthly home visits. We teach the pragmatic skills and structure needed to train parents and support them in delivering a developmental, intensive intervention for their young children with autism. Our evidence-based program is effective and affordable. Consultants have degrees in child development fields (for example, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, or Special Education) and receive intensive training by Dr. Solomon and his supervisory staff in the P.L.A.Y. Project® model. Our Home Consultant teaches parents how to provide intensive, one-on-one, play-based services to their young children with autism. We partner with parents and families, in a child’s home/natural environment, to help each child gain the developmental communication skills needed to reach their goals.

We look forward to providing each family proven solutions to the autism puzzle.​

Our Program Includes:

Family Support

10 Visits per year 

3 hours sessions divided between modeling, coaching the family, and feedback

Selected videotaping of the P.L.A.Y. Project® interactions with written evaluations and feedback 

Assistance with IFSP or IEP goals

Resources for families








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Texas Autism Play Project LLC is an authorized licensed and trained licensee of Richard Solomon, MD PCL and the P.L.A.Y. Project

Texas Autism Play Project (TAPP)

Company Headquarters:
4300 Sigma Rd. #130
Dallas TX, 75244
Michael Reiswig, President and CEO

Field Office:
12708 Riata Vista Circle #A-106
Austin, Texas 78727
​Kevin Schoenberger, PT, Director of Service Development

Toll-Free Phone: 1-855-460-8277
email: info@tapptherapy.com
website: www.tapptherapy.com